Wednesday, 18 November 2015

SyntheSys MIDS/Link 16 & 22 Training Course dates extended

Due to high demand we have been requested to provide further MIDS/Link 16 and Link 22 training courses in January 2016, at Branston Hall Hotel, near Lincoln, UK.

The course will take place 11th to 13th January (lunchtime) for the MIDS/Link 16 course, with Link 22 course starting after lunch on 13th January and finishing at lunchtime on 15th January.  Course places are now limited.  If you are interested, and would like the course syllabi and other details, please contact us at

Friday, 13 November 2015

SyntheSys Data Link Manager/Interface Control Officer Training Programme 2016

Following on from our successful courses in 2015 in Norway, CAOC Uedem and for the UKJDLMO we are now ready to embark on our 2016 programme.  The first course will be held at Karup Air Base in Denmark, from 29 Feb until 18 Mar 2016.

The course is designed with particular emphasis on practical exercises and the subsequent use of simulation and real world tools.  To progressively challenge students on their understanding of the Multi TDL Planning process, they will be tasked to create several complex Multi TDL architectures based upon real-life scenarios.  Students are then asked to brief their Multi TDL plan which is subsequently validated through the use of simulation.  This check of understanding provides an invaluable learning experience and enables them to confirm that their architecture would work in reality.

Students will be instructed on Link 1, 11, 11B, 16, 22, Variable Message Format and Joint Range Extension Application Protocol making it a truly Multi Tactical Data Link course.  Once armed with the requisite theoretical knowledge, the students continuously utilise real-life operational software and simulation systems to reinforce that theory.  The tools include: Daronmont Data Link Training Suite (DLTS), Diginext TACTX, Hewlett Packard TDL Network Design Station (TNDS) and Engility Joint Range Extension (JRE) software.  These added benefits allow personnel to swiftly grasp the complexities that surround TDLs and their operational use.

Registration for this course is now open. To book a place, or to get more detailed information, please contact us at . We are pleased to say that prices have been held at the 2015 rate! Places are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

TDL Technology Lands!

SyntheSys is delighted to announce the launch of TDL Technology magazine – one of the first of its kind for the Tactical Data Link (TDL) industry.

This value added, exclusive magazine presents a collection of articles about all aspects of TDL implementation, integration and management.  We hope that you, our colleagues and customers throughout the TDL community, will find it both interesting and useful.

Get your free copy now to read more about:

  • How TDL Interoperability can be simplified through the seven simple expedients.  Page 7
  • Standards Conformance Testing- Application to VMF.  Page 13
  • Ask the TDL Expert ‘Should I build DNM into my network and encourage it’s use?  Page 11

TDL Technology is out now, you can read the online magazine by visiting  or if you would like a free physical copy of the magazine please contact

Monday, 26 October 2015

SyntheSys Flying the Flag at IDLS 2015

SyntheSys will be out in force at the International Data Links Symposium (IDLS) in Ottawa, Canada from 3 to 6 November

Come to our stand (117) for further information on the most up to date training and services the industry has to offer.

As TDL Interoperability Test specialists, our stand has an exclusive test capability in the form of a live Test Lab.  This highly effective demonstration shows how interoperability testing integrates with other processes, creating a key advantage.

Training is a major part of our business and the day before the symposium starts, on November 3, expert trainer Paul ‘Ski’ Czajkowski is holding a full training day on Multi TDL Planning, which will be enhanced using various simulation tools.  Ski is also presenting throughout the symposium and he will be on the SyntheSys stand demonstrating the types of training solutions we offer.

You can also expect to see a variety of different demonstrations of our Interoperability Assurance toolset - SPIRIT - during the Symposium.

Would you like to win a Kindle Fire HD6?  We have two up for grabs in a competition on our stand called 'Crack the Code'.  Simply exchange your business card for a CVLL code to enter the draw.

For more information about our attendance at this year’s IDLS visit: or contact to book a 1-2-1 meeting. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Abbey Wood Hosts SyntheSys Tactical Data Links (TDL) Training Course

The UK MoD Abbey Wood site near Bristol has recently hosted a one day ‘Introduction to TDLs’ training course.  The training provided a high level overview of Links 1, 11, 16 & 22 with additional insight into both Variable Message Format (VMF) and Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP).  Furthermore, there was instruction and discussion on enhancements to current systems along with future programmes being developed.  As with all of our training courses, each attendee received a hard copy of the relevant training manual, in this case our extensive – ‘Introduction to TDLs’ manual. 

As part of our continued engagement with the TDL community, we will be attending the International Data Links Symposium (IDLS) in Ottawa, Canada 3rd- 6th November 2015.  We look forward to meeting both current and future clients.  If you would like to know more about what SyntheSys can do for you, then please visit or contact us at

Monday, 7 September 2015

German Air Force and AIRBUS Defence & Space Receive SyntheSys Link 16 Training

Once again we are pleased to announce the successful delivery of Link 16 training to both the German Air Force and AIRBUS engineering staff.
The two and a half day training course provided personnel with a balanced and in-depth understanding of both the operational and technical aspects of JTIDS/MIDS Link 16.  The training focused on the Typhoon and investigated areas in which its interoperability could be improved.  Of particular interest to the attendees was the complex exchange of the J12.6 Target Sorting Message when utilised on both NPG 9 (Control) and NPG 19 (Fighter-to-Fighter A).  All those who attended were also able to benefit from the Link 16 simulation software - Daronmont Data Link Training Suite 16.  The use of this software supported each individual in acquiring a clearer understanding of the subjects taught.

If you would like to know more about how SyntheSys can support your TDL training requirements or enhance the TDL knowledge of your personnel through interactive simulation and real world software, please contact

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

SyntheSys Commended whilst Supporting the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) United Kingdom (UK) Interoperability (IO) Trials Programme

Our clients come to us because we enable them to solve common testing challenges in a cost effective way.  The UK MoD is the latest customer to benefit from our unrivalled IO test facility.  The F-35 Lightning II JSF recently participated in the UK IO Trials Programme Event 6, part of an ongoing series of IO test events, designed to test the F-35 mission system tactical data IO with other UK platforms.  The UK IO Trials Programme uses a realistic simulation environment to connect UK Operational Facilities (OPFAC) over a secure wide area network.

In a simulated amphibious operations scenario, UK and US Navy pilots operated the F-35 mission system using Lockheed-built desktop simulators at BAE Systems’ UK Samlesbury site.

This event benefited from upgraded briefing/debriefing facilities at Samlesbury, which made for a more interactive and engaging test event, as evidenced by the comments and feedback received from the MoD customers and stakeholders:

“We very much appreciated the insight to the conduct of the experimentation and we were very impressed at the expansion and enhancements to your facility.”

“Through the event we are starting to see the advantages of digital control (C2)…….. We now need to grip Link 16 capability and push digital control forward.”

“The UK IO Trials Programme is delivering tangible and significant results…….. The Phase 1 Findings report has been well received in MoD and is extremely valuable.”

“The RNAS Culdrose Station Commander was mightily impressed with what he saw (from the Sea King lab) and …………plans to attend the next event.”

The scenario saw the F-35 successfully connected with the Sea King Airborne Surveillance and Control (SKASaC) helicopter OPFAC at Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose and the Type 45 Daring-class destroyer OPFAC at Portsdown Technology Park (PTP).  SyntheSys was responsible for establishing and maintaining the data exchange mechanism used in support of the SKASaC and Type 45 participation.

A total of three UK sites were networked together with exchange of Tactical Data between the participating platforms achieved by emulating Tactical Data exchange equipment and mechanisms.  The SKASaC and Type 45 OPFACs used the UK Multi-Link Test Facility (MLTF) equipment that enables tactical data exchange between real platform equipment, including Link 16 and radar scenario data, and the other platform desktop simulators.

SyntheSys provides the MLTF capability to the UK MoD, operating and supporting it for all Tactical Data Interoperability testing needs.  Use of the MLTF equipment in this event supports the UK MoD’s verification programme for ensuring the F-35 is interoperable with the existing and future UK inventory.
Connecting the F-35 facility at BAES Samlesbury to other UK platforms using real Tactical Data exchange equipment and MLTF, for example the UK Sentry E-3D and Sentinel aircraft, allows validation of the F-35 IO capability.  In addition, it could also support the reverse principle of confirming the IO of other coalition partner platforms, potentially from all over the world, with the F-35.

For more information about our Testing Services, download the information sheet [here]. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Prepare for the INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Practitioner (CSEP) Exam with SyntheSys’ Accredited Course

It is no secret that passing the CSEP examination is no mean feat.  With 376 pages of literature to acquaint yourself with followed by a two hour examination, it’s clear that proper preparation is the key to success.  SyntheSys’ 4 day CSEP Preparation course equips you with the knowledge and experience to be able to define, analyse and apply sound Systems Engineering theory in preparation for the Systems Engineering Practitioner examination.

Presented by a fully accredited, qualified CSEP instructor, the course examines the role and benefits of applying Systems Engineering principles within your organisation.  The course combines real-world scenarios with theory presented in the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook to provide you with a unique learning experience focused on the examinable content.

On successfully completing the course, you will be able to confidently sit the CSEP examination by demonstrating:

  •   An understanding of the significance of the CSEP certification;
  •  How to apply themes and processes from the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook;
  • An understanding of common industry terms and how to apply these in order to enrich communication;
  •   Define and recognise the part Systems Engineering plays within your organisation;
  •   Understand the different elements of the system development process;
  •   Apply the knowledge you gain to your day to day role.

For further information on this course including course schedule and other useful resources download the information sheet here or contact

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Places still available for our October VMF Course

SyntheSys has been requested to provide a VMF training course at which there are some spare places available.  The course will be held at Branston Hall Hotel, near Lincoln, UK, between 6-8 Oct 15.  As well as expert tuition, all delegates will receive both printed and electronic copies of the training materials, a copy of the “Introduction to VMF” manual, an attendance certificate plus lunch.  If you wish to receive more information please contact us at or call +44 (0)1947 821464.

Friday, 10 July 2015

SyntheSys Successfully Delivers Data Link Manager (DLM)/ Interface Control Office (ICO) Training as Hosted by the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC)

Once again, we are delighted to announce that a group of personnel have successfully completed our Data Link Manager/Interface Control Officer training course. The course was hosted by the Combined Air Operations Centre Uedem in Germany, with a total of 14 personnel from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, UK and the US.  This diverse range of students enhanced and supported an enjoyable learning environment.

Students were initially provided instruction on Link 1, 11, 11B, 16, 22, VMF and JREAP before progressing to a series of complex operationally focused Multi-TDL planning exercises.  Utilising the Daronmont Data Link Training Suite simulation software, students were able to fully interact with the Multi-TDL architectures they had created.  Additionally, the use of the Engility JRE operational software and the newly introduced Multi-TDL Planning Tool, TacPlan, guided the students in both understanding the roles and responsibilities of a DLM/ICO and overcoming the operational challenges they could encounter.

Rick Ojeda from NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen stated “This is my second course with SyntheSys and it did not disappoint.  The combination of theory and hands-on was perfect for verifying understanding’’.

SyntheSys continues to expand and improve all of its courses utilising both simulation and operational software, so that operators will quickly grasp the sometimes difficult theoretical hurdles that working in a Multi-TDL environment can entail.

For further information on how SyntheSys can ensure your personnel improve their TDL knowledge, please contact or visit  for a course syllabus, schedule and useful resources. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

SyntheSys to Provide TDL Training to United Kingdom Joint Data Link Management Organisation (UKJDLMO)

We are delighted to have been awarded a 2 year contract to provide Advanced Link 16 and multi TDL training to the UKJDLMO and other invited UK personnel from all 3 services.  The training will be in 2 parts, a 3 day Advanced Link 16 course and a further 12 days looking at multi TDL planning and operations.  As well as the standard Power Point presentations, the students will benefit from a range of practical exercises utilising our unrivalled suite of real tools and simulation.  For this course we will use the Data Link Training Suites (DLTS) 11 & 16 which provide a realistic data link network in a classroom environment.  We will also use the TACTX multi TDL simulator, Hewlett Packard’s Tactical Network Design Station (TNDS), Joint Range Extension (JRE) and, for the first time, the TacPlan multi TDL planning tool.

To ensure a complete understanding of the material presented, we will also utilise another addition to our training capability, the Qwizdom interactive question and answer system.  Each student will be provided with a handset enabling them to answer a test of understanding given at the end of each day.  The system then provides immediate feedback to the instructors indicating that the subject has been properly understood.  It also provides data to ensure fully focussed review and consolidation sessions.
The first course will start at the end of June 2015,  SyntheSys looks forward to working with the UKJDLMO and providing the knowledge transfer required to enable the attendees to carry out their duties more effectively and efficiently.

For further details on TDL and other related training courses we provide visit or contact us by emailing

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

SyntheSys’ Cogs Turn in a Different Direction with Successful Delivery of Training to Mechanical Engineers

An ongoing commitment to diversification during 2014 has given SyntheSys leverage to successfully deliver our ‘Introduction to Systems Engineering’ Training Course on behalf of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). We are delighted to be supporting the bi-annual delivery of the course which is aimed at both new and established Systems Engineers alike.

This unique foundation level course combines practical experience with INCOSE* certified theory to inform students of the fundamentals and processes of Systems Engineering. Students from a range of different organisations have benefitted from practical exercises and knowledge relay, thus gaining an understanding of key themes from General Systems Engineering Principles through to Test and Acceptance procedures.

‘’We are pleased to be working with such a prestigious organisation to deliver, what we feel, is a truly value added training solution. Feedback from the course we have delivered thus far has been encouraging and we are happy to be building relationships in what is, for us, a different avenue from our traditional military market’’ commented Mark Williamson, SyntheSys’ INCOSE Practitioner and Course Tutor.

Our capability does not end there, we also offer Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) and Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certification preparation courses which are based on the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook v3.2.2. For further information on our Systems Engineering Training visit or contact one of our certified practitioners by emailing

*International Council on Systems Engineering

Monday, 1 June 2015

SyntheSys Enhances Learning Experience with Award Winning Interactive Learning Solution, Qwizdom

Our quality guarantee means we are constantly looking at ways to improve and develop our training solutions in order to remain the leading provider of Tactical Data Link training worldwide. As part of this development, we are pleased to have taken delivery of the award winning interactive learning solution, Qwizdom.

Qwizdom provides powerful functionality which is, essentially, an interactive ‘Q&A’ Test of Knowledge (TOK) system, which we are looking forward to utilising as part of our training course structure.

The real benefit comes in the form of ‘Tests of Knowledge’. Each student is provided with an individual hand held device during the training, allowing them to answer TOK questions. Results are immediately available to the instructor in various formats, which allows training to be adapted in real-time. Individual’s marks and class averages can be monitored alongside many other graphical and tabular displays. These results can be used where a customer requires a pass/fail indication for their personnel, or for instant checks of understanding to ensure that the subject material has been understood. These results also allow the instructor to provide focused review and consolidation sessions. TOK can also be used in the form of a game, introducing an element of fun and competition into the learning process.

Our fundamental aim in introducing such tools into our Training is to leverage our courses in a way that maximises an individual’s learning experience which, in turn, makes for a more knowledgeable workforce and increases benefits from our already very competitively priced training courses.

The best part is . . . we offer the use of the Qwizdom system on a complimentary basis, talk to us now about how we can integrate Qwizdom into any of our training courses you may be interested in.
For further details on TDL and other related training courses that we provide visit: or contact us by emailing

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Robert Goodwill MP Visits Local Technology Firm that’s Flying High!

SyntheSys Systems Engineers Ltd recently hosted Robert Goodwill, Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Transport. 

From left to right: Daniel Spilman, MP Robert Goodwill and Dr John S Hartas. 

SyntheSys’ main business is ICT consultancy providing innovative systems and training solutions, although this is not all that the Company does.  During a tour of the Company’s head office at St Hilda’s Business Centre, Mr Goodwill was able to meet SyntheSys’ latest recruit, Daniel Spilman, who is already taking the Company to new heights.

Dan graduated from Leeds University with a Masters in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering and was awarded the IMechE best project certificate for 4th year Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering.  Since joining the company in October 2013 Dan has been working closely with the Managing Director, Dr John Hartas, in the Company’s work in the unmanned vehicles market.  Dan has a keen interest in this field and has subsequently designed and manufactured a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is capable of providing a wide range of applications in aerial work.  He has also qualified as a Civil Aviation Authority approved UAV pilot to enable him to operate the UAV commercially.

The solutions that Dan has brought to the company were of particular interest to Mr Goodwill, since his role at the Department of Transports relates specifically to aviation and the introduction of new legislation governing the operation of UAVs.

SyntheSys’ Managing Director, John Hartas commented.  “Dan’s contribution has helped us to diversify into the civilian UAV market, which holds a lot of new potential for us.  It was great for us to discuss this initiative with our local MP who was able to bring fresh insights into how this market is developing.”

SyntheSys’ Resolution UAV services are currently being used locally in a range of different projects including aerial photography, surveying, mapping and advertising schemes.

For further information about SyntheSys, please visit

For further information about Resolution UAV Services, please visit 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Multi National Personnel Complete SyntheSys Data Link Manager (DLM)/Interface Control Officer (ICO) Training Course

We are pleased to announce that personnel from the Norwegian TDL Squadron, Swedish and Finnish JDLOC and Royal Netherlands Air Force have successfully completed our three week DLM/ICO Training Course.

The course was hosted by the Norwegian TDL Squadron at Jørstadmoen camp in the picturesque area of Lillehammer.  Attendees were provided with in depth instruction on Link 1, 11, 16, 22, Variable Message Format and Joint Range Extension Application Protocols.  Using their acquired knowledge and working in small groups, they then continued with a series of challenging Multi TDL Planning exercises, where they had to define progressively more complex TDL architectures and subsequently coordinate the correct allocation of TDL parameters.  Multi National operations and exercises are increasingly demanding more from DLM/ICO and Data Link Management Cell personnel.  Accordingly, our practical modules are designed to thoroughly test, educate and ultimately develop these personnel for the challenges that lie ahead.

Students then briefed their plan before testing and ultimately validating their architecture through the use of simulation and real world operational software.  This interactive learning environment enabled all students to fully visualise their operational plan, identifying elements such as the potential for data looping or the misallocation of critical TDL duties and their impact.  This allowed each individual to manage their architecture as a DLM/ICO would, helping to build confidence, and to apply their newly gained skills and theory in an enjoyable and cooperative learning atmosphere.

SyntheSys would like to thank all those who attended, especially the Norwegian TDL Squadron for hosting this event.  Our next course will be held at CAOC Uedem in June, once again continuing to attract more interest than there are places available.  

If you, or any of your team, want to learn more about the fundamentals of a Data Link environment and how to plan, design, manage and analyse Multi Link Networks, contact our training team here. For details of our 2015 course dates and to secure your FREE copy of the full syllabus, visit our website here

Monday, 9 March 2015

Will we be seeing you at NTDLS 2015?

We will be in Calpe, Spain, attending and presenting at this year’s NATO Tactical Data Link Symposium (NTDLS).  NTDLS 2015 gives us the opportunity to talk to our community about our innovations and products.

In keeping with this year’s theme, 'Challenges for Tactical Data Links - Legacy TDLs and Evolving Technology', we will be discussing our capabilities in the areas of:

  •          TDL Test & Evaluation
  •          Interoperability Assurance Management
  •          Data Link Sustainment - What Next?

If you would like to discuss any of your requirements with our Technical Consultants, please contact

Monday, 2 March 2015

Personnel from Royal Air Force Brize Norton undertake SyntheSys JTIDS/MIDS Link 16 Training

As part of our on-going commitment in support of the A400M Atlas programme at RAF Brize Norton, we are pleased to announce that we have just delivered two days of JTIDS/MIDS Link 16 training.

The training was provided to military and civilian personnel involved in the support of the first MIDS equipped A400M Atlas.  Personnel were instructed on the basic components of JTIDS/MIDS before progressing to more complex areas such as crypto loading, initialisation and joining a network.  The training placed particular emphasis on the operational use of JTIDS/MIDS and how it can be employed to increase operational effectiveness.  This culminated in the use of the Data Link Training Suite which allowed personnel to explore exactly how they will benefit from utilising JTIDS/MIDS in the future.

We would like to thank all of those involved in the training for their kind hospitality and support.

For further information on our training courses or any of our training and support services, please contact or call UK +44 (0) 1947 821464.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Reach Your Potential in the Tactical Data Link Capability Team Interoperability Test Syndicate (TDL CaT ITS).

SyntheSys is pleased to announce the launch of our new TDL Training Course:
This one day course equips students to fully understand the benefits of participation in the Tactical Data Link Capability Team Interoperability Test Syndicate (TDL CaT ITS). The course provides an in depth understanding of the process involved when a platform team participates in a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)/Partner Tactical Data Link Interoperability Test (TDLIOT). The course teaches project managers, as well as engineering and operational professionals how to get the most out of being involved in the Test Syndicate.
Military card holders will receive 5% discount for this course, which can be delivered in house or off-site.

Contact to book your place now or for further course information download the information sheet here.

Monday, 16 February 2015

SyntheSys Provides TDL Training to Brunei MOD

SyntheSys is delighted to have recently been given the opportunity to provide Tactical Data Link (TDL) training to a group of uniformed and civilian personnel at the Brunei Ministry of Defence (Mindef) establishment, in the nation’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Ten personnel from operational, engineering and research disciplines undertook instruction covering various aspects of technical and operational usage of a variety of TDL systems.  SyntheSys would like to thank the Brunei Mindef for their invitation and hospitality, and also for providing some much needed warm weather.

If you would like any information on our training courses please go to where you can download our full training catalogue, or contact us at

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Sky’s the Limit with SyntheSys’ New Product Toolset, CloudbaSE.

As part of its ongoing investment to expand its Cloud footprint, SyntheSys today announces the release of CloudbaSE, SyntheSys’ Software-as-a-Service licensing toolset for IBM Rational Software. The new release marks a change for the Company in terms of delivery mechanisms it can now offer its customers. The CloudbaSE portfolio boasts 4 core products: CloudbaSE Requirements Manager, CloudbaSE Design Manager, CloudbaSE Verification Manager and CloudbaSE Project Manager.

CloudbaSE utilises the flexibility and versatility of Cloud computing to provide IBM Rational software in a more economical, adaptable way with no upfront costs or minimum license term. The mix of powerful IBM software, flexible licensing options and extensive experience offers powerful solutions to everyday challenges faced by many Systems & Software Engineers, Developers and Testing professionals.

The CloudbaSE portfolio enhances communication and collaboration within the Systems & Software Engineering Lifecycle which offers more ways for companies and their employees to leverage technology, from managing requirements to highlighting quality issues. Moreover, SyntheSys’ extensive expertise in the Systems & Software Engineering space is the real force behind the products and SyntheSys is excited to support customers in the acquiring, installation and servicing elements of new Systems & Software deployment.

‘’CloudbaSE is all about promoting flexibility which, in turn, leads to more effective System & Software Development Engineering and practices.’’, said John Hartas, SyntheSys’ Managing Director. ‘’We believe we can make a real impact on the wider Systems & Software Engineering community by increasing the accessibility and reducing the cost of ownership of engineering development toolsets.’’

Product Availability
All products in the CloudbaSE portfolio are globally available immediately. Please contact or visit for further information, technical specifications and useful resources.

Friday, 30 January 2015

SyntheSys Delivers TDL Network Design Station (TNDS) and Link 16 Training to Hungarian Air Force

SyntheSys is once again delighted to announce that in cooperation with Hungarian Kapsch BusinessCom kft. and HP Enterprise Services Defence & Security UK Ltd, we have successfully delivered TNDS and Link 16 training to personnel from the Hungarian Air Force.

The training was provided at the Kecskemet Air Base south east of Budapest and undertaken by Air Force personnel ranging from Master Sergeant through to Lt Colonel. The 5 day course began with an overview of the capabilities of Link 16 before progressing on to how to utilise the TNDS software. To achieve this, personnel were guided through a number of theory lessons that were balanced with a series of challenging practical exercises.  This balance ensured that they were able to fully interact with all TNDS capabilities and subsequently understand how to construct, validate and allocate a Link 16 Network Design.

This training will now directly benefit the Hungarian Air Force advancement in JTIDS/MIDS Link 16 operations, supporting both their own national assets and wider Tactical Data Link integration within NATO.

For further information on our TNDS training courses or any of our training and support services, please contact or call UK +44 (0)1947 821464.

Monday, 19 January 2015

CAOC Uedem to Host SyntheSys Data Link Manager (DLM) /Interface Control Officer (ICO) Training Course in June 2015

We are delighted to announce that the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) Uedem, Germany is to host its second Data Link Manager (DLM)/Interface Control Officer (ICO) Course.  The course has proved to be extremely successful with attendees providing consistently high feedback.

The course will be held from Monday 1 June through to Friday 19 June.  The three week course, for 12 students and two instructors in support, is designed to provide personnel with an in depth understanding of how to plan, build, interact and subsequently manage Multi TDL architectures.  The course is focussed on providing students with a series of challenging learning outcomes through the use of practical exercises, simulation and real world operational software.  This interactive process promotes a cooperative learning environment allowing each student to progress with confidence and a developed knowledge of each TDL.

The CAOC Uedem course will closely follow our first DLM/ICO Course of 2015, which is being hosted by the Norwegian TDL Squadron. With attendees from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands, we anticipate that the course will continue to forge a cohesive path of cross border Multi TDL cooperation and understanding.

If you would like to attend the CAOC Uedem course or receive a copy of the full syllabus please contact or alternatively call us at +44 (0)1947 821464.

Monday, 12 January 2015

SyntheSys provides TDL Training to Joint Sensors and Engagement Networks Delivery Team

Ten personnel from the Joint Sensors and Engagement Networks Delivery Team (JSENS DT) attended a one day TDL training event held at the MOD Defence Equipment & Support facility at Abbey Wood Bristol.  Topics covered included overviews of current TDLs, Testing, and the functions and responsibilities of the UK JDLMO.  Based on the feedback received, those attending were very happy with the information provided. SyntheSys would like to thank the JSENS DT for their kind hospitality, and looks forward to working together again in the near future.
If you would like any information on our training courses please go to where you can download our full training catalogue, or contact us at