Tuesday, 3 November 2015

TDL Technology Lands!

SyntheSys is delighted to announce the launch of TDL Technology magazine – one of the first of its kind for the Tactical Data Link (TDL) industry.

This value added, exclusive magazine presents a collection of articles about all aspects of TDL implementation, integration and management.  We hope that you, our colleagues and customers throughout the TDL community, will find it both interesting and useful.

Get your free copy now to read more about:

  • How TDL Interoperability can be simplified through the seven simple expedients.  Page 7
  • Standards Conformance Testing- Application to VMF.  Page 13
  • Ask the TDL Expert ‘Should I build DNM into my network and encourage it’s use?  Page 11

TDL Technology is out now, you can read the online magazine by visiting http://www.synthesys.co.uk/tdl-technology.html  or if you would like a free physical copy of the magazine please contact info@synthesys.co.uk

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