Monday, 28 March 2022

The Spring 2022 Edition of TDL Technology Magazine has Arrived

SyntheSys Defence is delighted to announce the release of the latest TDL Technology magazine. 

Issue 13 is designed to explore key industry themes and what better than a tribute to the E-3D Sentry on Page 8.  We continue our ‘demystifier’ training series on Page 6 whereby we examine the difference between interoperability and integration.  You can also read industry news on Pages 10 and 11.

The magazine also explores the SyntheSys Defence Tactical Data Link (TDL) product, Synapse. Synapse combines powerful applications with best-in-class expertise to provide a tailored service to test Tactical Data Link interoperability and integration and also enables platform participation in a rich training environment.  Synapse improves platform and operator performance by ensuring standards conformance is built into your command and mission system test and training programmes.

SyntheSys Defence Director Mark Hudspeth commented, ‘‘It pleases us that the TDL Technology readership continues to grow, and it is my view that a deep need for knowledge and skills has generated a real appetite for TDL and related resources across the industry.”

Read Issue 13 now:

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

SyntheSys Defence to attend NTDLS 2022

SyntheSys is delighted to announce its attendance at the NATO Tactical Data Link Symposium (NTDLS) 2022.  

This annual event will be held at its regular venue in Calpe, Spain from  4th - 7th April, this year being its 24th edition.  NTDLS is open to Interoperability Platform Nations at which experts in Tactical Data Links (TDLs) from the military, industry and academia can share operational, technical, and scientific experience on TDL technologies and processes in an open environment. 
Mark Hudspeth will be in attendance, Mark commented “After last year’s cancellation, I am excited to return to Calpe and connect with other TDL professionals and discuss this year’s theme of ‘Adapting Tactical Data Links to new Challenges’.  NTDLS will provide us with insights on potential future deficits in information and what would need to be addressed, and avoided, to establish and maintain information superiority.” 
To learn more about SyntheSys’ TDL capabilities and more, check out the SyntheSys Defence website at:  
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