Thursday, 16 December 2021

Continued Success for Senior Administrator, Shelley Fisher – Lead Auditor and STEM Ambassador

Since joining the SyntheSys team in August, Senior Administrator, Shelley Fisher, has been taking big strides through her commitment to personal development.  It is with that in mind that we celebrate Shelley’s recent success having qualified as an ISO9001 Lead Auditor which led to certification as a Chartered Auditor.

The ISO9001 is a quality management system standard which helps organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, whilst meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to products or programmes.  Its general objective is to improve quality and we are continually committed to meeting the requirements of the certification.  Developing and nurturing skills and knowledge in this area enhances our commercial and social value.

Shelley is now a qualified Lead Auditor and can assess the capability and effectiveness of our own and our customers’ Quality Management System (QMS).

But it doesn’t end there.  Shelley’s background and efforts have led to her becoming a STEM Ambassador.  STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) -related jobs across the UK and Shelley will be committing time to working in North East-based schools to promote STEM subjects.

Shelley commented

‘’Having worked in manufacturing and engineering environments for many years, certification and continued skills development has always been important to me, both professionally and personally.  The Lead Auditor qualification is a real ‘stake in the ground’ for both myself and SyntheSys.  Not only does it strengthen our own internal QMS processes, but it also means that we can consult for customer systems and procedures.

Becoming part of the STEM ambassador programme has been the icing on the cake and I am passionate about working with young people to promote these enriching subject areas.

I am also looking ahead to other qualifications in health, safety, and the environment.  That’s all whilst working towards The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) degree.’’

Well done to Shelley!

If you currently have challenges associated with your internal QMS or are looking to take a more formal approach to quality certification and would like to tap into Shelley’s expertise, please contact Shelley by emailing

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

SyntheSys’ Membership with the North East England Chamber of Commerce


Our focus on connecting with growing sector communities is a vital part of how we operate, and we view association memberships as being a critical piece of that puzzle, which is why we are pleased to share that we are now members of the North East England Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber supports businesses to grow their knowledge, influence and connectivity regionally, nationally and internationally.  Its aim is to create an environment where businesses in the North East of England thrive as a collective force.  They are a completely independent body owned by our members and work with businesses of all sizes and sectors.

For more information about North East England Chamber of Commerce, visit:

For more information about the different associations we are members of, visit: