Monday, 10 June 2013

Air Defence System Integrator Upgrade Testing Success

The Air Defence System Integrator (ADSI) which is operated by Number 1 Air Control Centre, RAF, has just undergone a software and hardware upgrade to become more sustainable. Ultra Electronics Command and Control Systems delivered the new hardware and software and the SyntheSys testing team supported the upgrade on behalf of the Situational Awareness Command and Control (SACC) Delivery Team (DT) by providing a Subject Matter Expert to act as Test Director and independent observer.

adsi dual monitor cpciJohn Miller, Technical Director for SyntheSys commented that “The service provided included a series of factory acceptance and site acceptance tests.  To provide further test evidence we also utilised the Multi Link Test Facility (MLTF) to test for the ADSI conformance to TDL standards and interoperability with other UK air platforms such as the Sentry E-3D.  These further tests demonstrated how the MLTF provides a highly effective, low cost and low risk approach to testing.”

For further information on Multi Link Test Facility interoperability testing, contact us at or on 01947 821464.

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