Tuesday, 18 December 2018

TDL Technology Magazine Issue 7 Available Now – and it comes with festive cheer!

We are delighted to release Issue 7 of TDL Technology, the magazine that offers technical insight, best practices and free resources about all aspects of Tactical Data Link (TDL) implementation, integration, and management.

Our aim is to build a magazine with an ethos of collaboration and knowledge sharing and we focus on making TDL Technology less about SyntheSys, and more about the TDL Community as a whole. 

  • RAF100 Celebrations: SyntheSys staff have been busy supporting (and enjoying) the celebrations (page 6).
  • Demystifying Tactical Data Links: Our new regular feature which aims to explore TDL technologies, as presented in SyntheSys’ Training courses, to demystify common TDL challenges and issues.  In this issue, we tackle wider TDLs and associated systems (page 7).
  • Today’s Complex & Interwoven Multi-Link Operations: Considering a four-dimensional environment (page 10).
  • Shaping the Future of Drones in United Kingdom (UK) Cities: Requirements for secure Data Links within the smart cities construct (page 12).

The free resource we are offering with Issue 7 is a TDL Glossary of Terms E-Book that may be useful for those who are less familiar with shortened terms, or for those who just need an occasional reminder.

To read the Digital Edition of the magazine, visit: www.tdl-technology.com where you can also subscribe to receive future issues of TDL Technology magazine directly into your mailbox. If you would like to receive a free hard copy, email tdltech@synthesys.co.uk

May we take the opportunity to wish our readers and subscribers all the very best wishes for the festive season. 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Another successful Data Link Manager / Interface Control Officer (DLM/ICO) Course to round up a productive 2018!

Photograph courtesy of NLD-NDMC Facebook Group

SyntheSys recently delivered the final DLM/ICO course of 2018.  The course took place at the Air Operations Control Station Nieuw Milligen (AOCS NM), Netherlands, and was hosted by the Dutch National Data Link Management Cell (NDMC).  The course included students from the Dutch Air Force, Army and Navy, as well as the Czech Data Link Management Centre and NATO E-3A component, plus we were delighted to have our first students from the German Tactical Data Link Management Centre (TDLMC) and the French Army.

The DLM/ICO course is designed to catapult individuals with little or no knowledge of TDL and associated responsibilities to a stage where they can successfully and efficiently carry out their duties. The course provides students with a fundamental understanding of various TDLs, then, using state of the art simulation tools, practically apply this knowledge to real world scenarios.  The DLM/ICO course is based on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) & United States (US) documentation fused with instructor experience.  The course incorporates practical exercises and assignments which gives a working understanding of course concepts.

To learn more about how the DLM/ICO course can enhance your understanding and overall performance, contact training@synthesys.co.uk

We are already planning our courses for 2019, please get in touch if you may be interested in attending.  Our current 2019 scheduled training dates can be viewed here.