Wednesday, 3 June 2015

SyntheSys’ Cogs Turn in a Different Direction with Successful Delivery of Training to Mechanical Engineers

An ongoing commitment to diversification during 2014 has given SyntheSys leverage to successfully deliver our ‘Introduction to Systems Engineering’ Training Course on behalf of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). We are delighted to be supporting the bi-annual delivery of the course which is aimed at both new and established Systems Engineers alike.

This unique foundation level course combines practical experience with INCOSE* certified theory to inform students of the fundamentals and processes of Systems Engineering. Students from a range of different organisations have benefitted from practical exercises and knowledge relay, thus gaining an understanding of key themes from General Systems Engineering Principles through to Test and Acceptance procedures.

‘’We are pleased to be working with such a prestigious organisation to deliver, what we feel, is a truly value added training solution. Feedback from the course we have delivered thus far has been encouraging and we are happy to be building relationships in what is, for us, a different avenue from our traditional military market’’ commented Mark Williamson, SyntheSys’ INCOSE Practitioner and Course Tutor.

Our capability does not end there, we also offer Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) and Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certification preparation courses which are based on the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook v3.2.2. For further information on our Systems Engineering Training visit or contact one of our certified practitioners by emailing

*International Council on Systems Engineering

Monday, 1 June 2015

SyntheSys Enhances Learning Experience with Award Winning Interactive Learning Solution, Qwizdom

Our quality guarantee means we are constantly looking at ways to improve and develop our training solutions in order to remain the leading provider of Tactical Data Link training worldwide. As part of this development, we are pleased to have taken delivery of the award winning interactive learning solution, Qwizdom.

Qwizdom provides powerful functionality which is, essentially, an interactive ‘Q&A’ Test of Knowledge (TOK) system, which we are looking forward to utilising as part of our training course structure.

The real benefit comes in the form of ‘Tests of Knowledge’. Each student is provided with an individual hand held device during the training, allowing them to answer TOK questions. Results are immediately available to the instructor in various formats, which allows training to be adapted in real-time. Individual’s marks and class averages can be monitored alongside many other graphical and tabular displays. These results can be used where a customer requires a pass/fail indication for their personnel, or for instant checks of understanding to ensure that the subject material has been understood. These results also allow the instructor to provide focused review and consolidation sessions. TOK can also be used in the form of a game, introducing an element of fun and competition into the learning process.

Our fundamental aim in introducing such tools into our Training is to leverage our courses in a way that maximises an individual’s learning experience which, in turn, makes for a more knowledgeable workforce and increases benefits from our already very competitively priced training courses.

The best part is . . . we offer the use of the Qwizdom system on a complimentary basis, talk to us now about how we can integrate Qwizdom into any of our training courses you may be interested in.
For further details on TDL and other related training courses that we provide visit: or contact us by emailing