Wednesday, 14 August 2019

SyntheSys’ Multi-Link Test Facility (MLTF) Continues to Add Value to United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD)

Testing the integration of Tactical Data Links (TDL) within military platforms and testing the TDL effectiveness between international coalition forces is no mean feat.  TDL test initiatives come with a high level of complexity and require precision, planning and execution to meet test objectives.  SyntheSys has delivered MLTF services to the UK MOD for the past 9 years to meet the needs of the UK national and international test and trials programmes.  The MLTF complements live trials by providing a realistic, repeatable, simulation-based environment at fixed locations, prior to more expensive, but still necessary, real-world live platform testing, to verify and validate that platforms conform to UK Interoperability policies.  MLTF is also a proven enabler in the MOD drive to increase the use of synthetic training, building on real-world scenarios, all designed to enhance operators’ performance.  MLTF also provides an unrivalled simulation-based training solution, built on real-world scenarios, to enhance engineers’ performance.

We are thrilled to announce the continued support of the MLTF contract, for a further two years.  The contract extension brings further platforms into scope, including the new Queen Elizabeth Carrier, and we are delighted to be providing an Over-the-Air capability which allows transmission using real Link 11 and Link 16 networks.

We continue to deliver an integrated end-to-end service which includes the delivery of Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultancy services, technical meeting support, test equipment maintenance and, more importantly, unrivalled test and federated training initiative support to our UK armed forces.

Mark Hudspeth, SyntheSys’ Programme Director and MLTF Project Manager comments:

‘We are seeing the requirement for sophisticated, simulation-based TDL testing solutions grow, and the UK MOD continues to reap the numerous benefits of employing a flexible, cost-effective service which delivers value for money for the UK armed forces.  For us, our knowledge and experience in this space is becoming more diverse and richer as we respond and adapt to customer requirements, which continues to maintain our position as market leaders in the simulation-based TDL testing arena.  We are also excited to see how the existing MLTF capability can be easily adapted to support the ever-increasing need (and benefit) of synthetic training.’

For further information about MLTF, read the datasheet: