Monday, 17 September 2012

September Update & IDLS News

September is usually a busy month for everyone after the summer break and it’s no exception for us either. Firstly we have the forthcoming IDLS in Athens from 15-19 Oct and then we have had and are preparing for more training courses. We have also been busy supporting our various customers across the globe and working around the various multi-national holiday season to ensure that everyone receives the exemplary service we normally deliver.


With just over a month to go before this year’s symposium we have been very busy preparing for the event. We are currently involved in providing a training day focussing on the thorny issue that is InterOperability (IO). While most people have some idea of what IO is, few have a good overview of all the different areas that come under this umbrella. More important is the fact that missing one of these can be costly in time, money or both. Having dealt with this area in depth over a long time the team felt that it would be good to highlight some of the points and hopefully prevent mistakes being repeated on other programmes. Currently (10 Sep 12) it appears that we will have sold out before the final week with 21 of the 30 available spaces already taken. The organisers tell us that they do not expect any spaces after about the next fortnight.

We are also giving a number of briefs during the event, one in the main forum and the others in the education stream. The main forum brief again focuses on IO assurance and while it cannot be as detailed as the teaching session it aims to ask searching questions and get the audience involved and thinking about the issues. We think that the audience will not only enjoy the session they will also get a lot out of it if they actively participate.

As part of the education stream we are giving 2 introduction briefs on JREAP & VMF. Most of the community know of our VMF expertise and need little prompting to come to us when they need assistance. However, we have recently been accredited by Engility (formerly L3-Commumications) to provide both JREAP & JRE training. Our courses have been approved by Engility so that our customers can be assured that the content will cover their needs exactly. We are the only company endorsed by them to provide this training and we are naturally very proud to have been selected.

Finally, don’t forget that we are holding a prize draw each day and YOU could be the lucky winner, but only if you enter! So drop by our stand where we will be very happy to see you and ask to be entered into the draw.

We are on Stand 10 and have an exciting present for those who come to see us early. We only have a limited number of these and once they are gone that’s it, so make sure you hurry over to see one of the team.