Thursday, 26 September 2019

Whitby Youngsters Impress Once Again in the SyntheSys’ Sponsored STEM Challenge

We believe that inspiring young talent to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines is vital in ensuring that high-growth markets secure the right skills and competencies to drive future innovation.  These fields are the key building blocks to securing Britain’s future thriving economy and place in vital global markets.
Once again, SyntheSys is thrilled to have sponsored the annual STEM Challenge, which aims to give talented youngsters from Caedmon College the opportunity to impress by putting contemporary challenges and themes in the spotlight.  The challenge tasks students with researching their chosen subject to produce an informative paper on key findings, which they then deliver as a presentation to a panel of internal and external judges.
Our congratulations go out to all students who participated in the challenge, including winners as follows:
Key Stage 4:
  • Rebecca Morgan:  Humans Need Not Apply - The Future of Automation
  • Alexander Harrison Gaze:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation

Key Stage 3:
  • Conner Betts, Josh Harland, Alex Young:  Marine Energy
  • Josh Trowsdale, Liam Hutchinson, Jake Stephenson:  Black Holes
  • Neve Barnard:  Dark Matter
  • Charlotte Crossland:  Cryptography

Winners received Amazon vouchers which were presented to Key Stage 3 winners at a ‘celebration of learning’ assembly. Alexander and Rebecca visited the SyntheSys head office at St Hilda's Business Centre to deliver their presentations to SyntheSys HQ staff.
SyntheSys’ Managing Director and STEM Challenge judge, Dr John Hartas, said: ‘‘This challenge is no mean feat, which is why I have been blown away by the standard of submissions.  Students with ages from 13-15 deal with complex subjects that can be difficult for even adults to comprehend.   Whilst this challenge was originally designed to inspire students, it’s had the unforeseen impact of inspiring and educating myself, my team and teachers also.’’
Mrs Kirsty Brown, Head of Business Studies at the college added ‘'The challenge has proven to be a great way to inspire students to take responsibility for their learning. It ignited a passion within the students that diverted them from academic pressures, and resulted in some excellent pieces of work from all entries’’
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