Friday, 15 April 2016

Free Webinar: Increase the Value of Interoperability Management

 Thursday, 12th May 2016  | 15:00 BST  |  1 hour 
 Free Webinar with Dr John S Hartas

SyntheSys is happy to announce our latest webinar which focuses on how organisations can increase the value of Interoperability Management.

The types, roles and environments of Tactical Data Link platforms are ever increasing, providing a greater cohesion of not just the Recognised Air Picture (RAP) but the entire battlefield.  Units on the battlefield require assurance that the information being presented is of high quality and can guarantee timeliness of contribution.  This can only be achieved effectively if the information enterprise is properly engineered.  Join this 1-hour session now to:
  • Understand Tactical Data Links in a Systems-of-Systems context.
  • Join a discussion on open systems interoperability.
  • Consider how to establish national and platform requirements.
  • Understand why it's imperative that systems are rigorously tested and learn techniques for doing this at reduced costs. 

·    To join this session visit:!webinars/tc38c

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

TDL Technology is back!

We are delighted with the response that we received from our first special edition of the TDL Technology publication in November 2015.  Our thanks go out to the many of you who subscribed and provided such positive feedback. Our second issue is now available and includes articles on: 

  • Requirements Management & Model-Based Systems Engineering in Defence - Minimising issues early in the process
  • Simulated TDL Environment with Daronmont- Daronmont Link Training Suite (DLTS) first choice for Australian Navy and Defence Force link training
  • Ask the TDL Expert- Maximising the potential of rig to rig trial involvement

We are also giving away our Tactical Data Link Reference Guide to every reader which consolidates essential details on JTIDS MIDS/Link 16, Link 11A, Variable Message Format (VMF) and Combat Net Radio (CNR).  The guide provides useful information such as Initialisation Tables, Time Slot Packing Levels and Access Modes.

To read the free online version and to subscribe to future issues, please visit or if you would prefer to receive a free hard copy, contact

Finally, we would love to hear from you!  Have you got something to shout about?  A burning question to ask, or a topic you are passionate about and would like the opportunity to share your thoughts.  We are inviting members of the TDL & related communities to contribute to a TDL Technology industry forum for our next issue which is dedicated to you.  If you are interested in contributing to this industry magazine, please contact Sarah Thomas:

Happy Reading!