Monday, 31 March 2014

SyntheSys delivers Link 16 TDL Interoperability testing to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration

SyntheSys is pleased to announce their support to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) in the successful completion of a Link 16 TDL Interoperability (IO) test between the Swedish ASC890 and the UK E-3D Sentry platforms.  This was the first time the UK and Sweden have tested Link 16 capable platforms over secure networks from National land based test facilities.  The test was ably supported by the E-3D Software Support Team (SST) in the UK, as well as by the FMV and Saab in Sweden.

The test was interfaced at the E-3D Mission Equipment Facility (MEF), Royal Air Force (RAF) Waddington through the UK Multi-Link Test Facility (MLTF) which is operated by SyntheSys.  SyntheSys provided a range of services for the test from its Validation Evaluation and Compliance Testing of Requirements (VECTOR) services.  These included:
  • Planning and support between the two platform authorities.
  • Development of the test plan and procedures.
  • Provision of test support at RAF Waddington.
  • Performing the duties of Director for the Test. 
The test cases for the IO test that were executed covered Own Unit Reporting, Air Surveillance, and Command and Control.

The primary objective of the IO test was to ensure the ASC890 demonstrated evidence to support its initial active participation in a forthcoming International IO Test in October 2014.  Generally, new participants have to join this international test passively (monitoring information only), then semi-active participation (transmission of PPLI only) before full active participation can be granted by the international community.  However, from the evidence of this test, it is expected that that the ASC890 will be granted permission to join immediately in the international test as an active participant.  Therefore, the ASC890 can immediately realise the benefits of testing IO with other nations, saving our customer, the FMV, both time and money in achieving its IO goals

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