Tuesday, 18 March 2014

CUSTOMER WIN: HP Enterprise Services Defence & Security Ltd UK selects SyntheSys to deliver TDL Network Design Station Training

SyntheSys announce that HP Enterprise Services Defence & Security is the latest organisation to invest in the company’s Tactical Data Link (TDL) Network Design Station (TNDS) training capability. Held in the UK, SyntheSys welcomes attendees from the UK Joint Data Link Management Organisation, Danish Data Link Management Cell (DLMC), Finnish DLMC and Italian DLMC

SyntheSys’ TNDS training is the only training solution combining technical expertise with computer-based training, which not only examines the capabilities of TNDS but empowers attendees to identify the correct calculus in which to construct Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Link 16 networks and how to employ the full features of TNDS to ensure operational effectiveness for both the user and TDL community.

The TNDS is a fully integrated, WindowsTM-based facility for the planning, design, distribution and configuration management of TDL Network Designs. It supports both the generation of initialisation data for JTIDS/MIDS assets and the exchange of International Network Designs. It is designed to operate in a Windows 7, WindowsTM XP environment on COTS PCs.

SyntheSys’ unique approach to training is keeping the company first choice providers for TNDS and related TDL courses due to the unrivalled suite of tools and simulations which enhance classroom learning. Tony Castle, SyntheSys’ Training Manager, commented ‘We are seeing particular success around our TNDS training and services due to our ability to simulate what a Link 16 Network Designer would typically see outside of the classroom, the courses are sharp and precise, which is what DLMC and other MIDS users are looking for. We look forward to working with HP Enterprise Services Defence & Security Ltd and continue to develop our training offerings’

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