Monday 13 March 2023

Meet us at the 25th NATO Tactical Data Link Symposium (NTDLS) in Calpe, Spain


SyntheSys Defence is pleased to announce its attendance at the 25th NATO Tactical Data Link Symposium (NTDLS) in Calpe, Spain from 27 – 30 March 2023.

This year's symposium will focus on the theme of "Are Tactical Data Links ready for the digital transformation?" and will bring together experts from the military, industry, and academia to share their knowledge and experience on Tactical Data Link (TDL) technologies and processes in an open and collaborative environment.

Managing Director, Mark Hudspeth and Senior Consultant, Kate Chandler will represent SyntheSys Defence at the symposium and are excited to connect with other TDL professionals and discuss this year’s theme.

Mark Hudspeth had this to say: “As we continue to move towards a more digital battlefield, it's important to consider the readiness of Tactical Data Link technology for this transformation.  I'm excited to attend NTDLS 2023 and engage in discussions with other TDL professionals on how we can adapt and optimise TDLs to meet new challenges and maintain information superiority”.

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