Friday, 9 June 2017

SyntheSys Completes Combined MIDS Link 16 and Identification Friend or Foe Training Course

SyntheSys has just completed its first combined Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Link 16 and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) training to students from both the military and industry.  The course took place at the Institute of Directors in London, UK, where three days were spent on Link 16 training and one day on IFF.

SyntheSys Training Manager Paul ‘Ski’ Czajkowski, who led the course, said the subject area covered the basics through to Advanced Link 16, looking at both technical and operational use.  Ski said: “This training was important as the course attendees are specifically focused on MIDS Link 16 integration within their own national systems.  Consequently, there is a need to not only understand both the protocols and procedures as described in the various TDL Standards, but also how those are put into practice during actual operational use.  The students were fully engaged in the material which is very rewarding as an instructor.  All provided very positive feedback”.

The students’ interest around Link 16 protocols and best practices meant that the Link 16 simulator proved to be particularly useful.  This simulation is a unique feature of SyntheSys courses, and aids each student in exploring what MIDS Link 16 provides, both on the operational and technical front.
The IFF training day included the civilian Mode S technology and the military Mode 5.  The students were particularly interested in how both Modes S & 5 data is exchanged via Link 16, right down to bit level, and the transmission rules.

Ski added: “We are able to provide a variety of TDL courses at virtually any location around the world.  We work closely with our customers to identify the most productive course structure, thus ensuring their training needs are always met.”  Anyone interested in holding similar combined, or separate courses, can email

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