Friday, 28 June 2013

SyntheSys’ Theatre Missile Defence Experimentation Success

Test Directors and managers on both sides of the Atlantic have heaped praise on SyntheSys’ experts’ contributions to joint Maritime Theatre Missile Defence experimentation.  The US Test Director commented that the SyntheSys contribution was “amazing” and that it was a “pleasure” working with such a professional team, whilst the UK MOD project manager described the contribution as “outstanding”.  These comments followed the latest in a continuing series of experiments to test the Royal Navy and coalition forces abilities to defend surface targets in a virtual Maritime Theatre Missile Defence scenario utilising the US-led Coalition Distributed Engineering Plant.

SyntheSys contributes Multi-Link Test Facility services that provide secure communications between the UK Type 45 destroyer test facility, located at the Maritime Integration Support Centre in Portsmouth, and other coalition naval test facilities in Europe, North America and Australia.  The Multi-Link Test Facility equipment provides sensor feeds to excite the various Type 45 radars and emulates the Link 16 and Link 11 Tactical Data Link networks to share surveillance, command and control, and other information between network participants.  This is a safe virtual environment in which to test equipment, refine tactical procedures, and train operators for engaging ballistic and conventional missiles in preparation for live firing trials planned for 2015.

As well as providing the Multi-Link Test Facility equipment and assisting in the conduct of the tests, SyntheSys supports the tests by coordinating UK government and industry stakeholders to develop test objectives, reviewing and determining scenario changes, and undertaking performance analysis for future tests and exercises.

John Miller, SyntheSys’ Technical Director, commented that “This is a great example of the way in which the Multi-Link Test Facility is providing a very low cost and a very effective way of testing tactical communications systems - analysis shows that it is in excess of 70 times cheaper and has greatly increased control and repeatability when compared with equivalent live tests.”

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