Thursday, 3 August 2017

SyntheSys Announces Corporate Restructure

SyntheSys is delighted to announce that it has undergone a major restructure to its increasingly successful business.  The restructure is part of a strategic shift to align business capabilities to specific industry sectors with expert teams in the groups now being more specialised to the appropriate skill sets. 

The organisation is now segmented into four key functional areas, Defence; Systems Engineering; Direct and Software, with SyntheSys corporate division still serving all business areas with administration, finance, marketing, security, quality and IT support. We are confident that the new management team will continue to provide unrivalled services, support and products to our markets. 

Tony Castle leads SyntheSys Defence which serves our traditional Tactical Data Link (TDL) consultancy, interoperability management and TDL training market.  Our operational customers will also be served under the Defence Business Group. 

Mark Williamson leads Systems Engineering where the aim is to provide systems engineering services, products and training to a variety of industry sectors to establish efficient and economic processes that enable organisations to deliver the highest quality products to their customers and end users. 

Su Ross leads SyntheSys Direct and will handle licensing, transactional and technical matters connected with software sales.

We welcome Ian Pugh who leads SyntheSys Software, which offers a range of technical consultancy services that help customers understand their Information Technology (IT) needs and supports customers in acquiring  systems to meet those needs. 

John Hartas, SyntheSys Managing Director commented, ‘it is a very exciting time for us here at SyntheSys.  Over the last two years we have seen tremendous growth within markets outside of our core Defence arena.  The restructure ensures that customers in each of the business areas continue to receive a unique, value added service from specialists in the appropriate field.’ 

For more information about SyntheSys visit or telephone +44 (0) 1947 821 464.

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