Sunday, 8 September 2013

VECTOR Service launched

SyntheSys is pleased to announce its VECTOR (Validation, Evaluation and Compliance Testing Of Requirements) service.

Based on previous experience gained from our support to the UK Multi-Link Test Facility (MLTF), VECTOR has been developed and fielded to support and sustain cost-effective national/international tactical communications and network-enabled capability testing in both synthetic and live environments. Whilst VECTOR will focus on requirements test and evaluation, it will also facilitate the preparation of test scripts and the comprehensive analysis of results from test scenarios. It is not just confined to the military domain; we fully intend to utilise VECTOR in support of civil and commercial customers with a need for requirements testing, validation and verification. VECTOR will be integrated with our SPIRIT capability to manage nations’ requirements for interoperability testing and assurance. We will be demonstrating VECTOR’s attributes and services at this year’s International Data Link Symposiumin October at Norfolk, Virginia.

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