Friday, 18 December 2020

An Invitation from SyntheSys Technologies and IBM® for members of the Rail Industry


Things are changing fast in the rail supply chain.  With £35 billion expected to be spent on new services and equipment in the United Kingdom (UK) alone – a supply chain expansion of 140 percent – the market looks set for a steady period of growth.

This investment comes at a time when the British rail network is being transformed by technologies like cab signalling and condition-based maintenance.

The opportunities are there for those ready to step up and take them, but cutting-edge engineering has never been more important.

For rail suppliers, every positive development seems to come with corresponding risk.  There’s a huge amount of investment to be won right now, but in rail, every feast costs you a famine.  Ill-considered long-term investment in your engineering capabilities can leave you exposed when the good times stop.

We feel that it is time to talk about different ways rail organisations can approach big picture thinking as a means of driving engineering innovation.  SyntheSys Technologies and IBM® are inviting members of the Rail Industry to join this 1.5 hour roundtable event which aims to explore how rail organisations can use systems engineering practices as a key driver of innovation within engineering operations. 

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