Tuesday, 20 October 2020

SyntheSys Defence Welcomes James Norful


SyntheSys Defence is pleased to announce that James Norful has recently joined the team.  James comes to us having recently retired from the United States Air Force after serving 21 years in various assignments both in the States and within NATO.

Working as a Consultant, James will be primarily responsible for the delivery and maintenance of a wide portfolio of Tactical Data Link (TDL) training globally.  

James’ strengths lie across multiple TDL operations, training development, project management, strategic planning, and system engineering processes from design and development to validation and operation.

James has excelled as a data link subject matter expert providing student instruction, leading teams through test and evaluation processes, and course planning, with the ultimate goal of eliminating inefficiencies in a specific process for the benefit of everyone involved, from those participating in the system to the eventual stakeholders.  This unique blend of experience enables James to grow customer relationships and brings real value to our training customers.  Please join us in welcoming James to the team.

If you would like to discuss your current TDL training requirements and would like to hear more about how James can help empower your personnel through training and development, please contact us at; training@synthesys.co.uk

For more general information about our TDL training packages, visit: http://www.synthesys-defence.co.uk/data-link-training.html

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