Monday, 21 January 2019

United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MOD) selects SyntheSys, and its partners, to provide Tactical Data Link (TDL) Problem Evaluation Services

SyntheSys is thrilled to announce that we have been selected to deliver Problem Evaluation Services (PES) for UK TDL Terminals and associated platforms for the UK MOD.  SyntheSys teams with C3 Systems Consulting (C3SC) and Mandalorian Security Services (MSS) to provide a unique solution to a complex requirement.  

The contract aims to identify, investigate and resolve interoperability issues across named TDL and associated platforms whilst supporting the Link 16 sustainment program to implement JTRS Terminals.  On behalf of Situational Awareness Command & Control (SACC) DT, SyntheSys will be providing a powerful team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to identify problems in achieving effective interoperability.

The initial 12-month contract will see the SyntheSys project team develop, maintain and implement an effective problem resolution mechanism, provide expert TDL advice and recommendation, and support TDL communities through various meetings.  Of significance is the Cyber Security directives which include various Cyber Vulnerability Investigations (CVI) amongst other detailed cyber testing and assessment activities.

SyntheSys’ Managing Director, John Hartas, comments:
‘’Whilst SyntheSys has provided TDL support to UK MOD for over 20 years, this contract win is a significant stake in the ground for us in terms of working with customers to deliver Cyber Security services in a TDL domain and we are delighted to be teaming with C3CS and MSS to provide an unrivalled depth of experience and knowledge.  This is another great example of where our extensive experience of delivering TDL Interoperability Assurance and assessment programmes globally ensures we continue to add unique value to customers in the TDL market.’’  

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