Wednesday, 20 March 2013

SyntheSys at NTDLS - Calpe

SyntheSys attended the 16th NATO Tactical Data Link Symposium at Calpe on 11 - 14 March 2013. Phil Angus and Paul (Ski) Czajkowski represented the Company and provided briefs on BLOS Communications in the Urban Environment and the UK Multi-Link Test Facility, which is operated by SyntheSys on behalf of the MOD. 

Ski also chaired a Link 16 Network Design Workshop, which drew attendance from a wide range of interested military and commercial partners in the domain of data link and network management. We were able to discuss a number of TDL-related operational and training issues with many national TDL specialists from within NATO, and with Industry. 

The whole event was conducted in a relaxed but professional manner, thereby encouraging free and frank discussion.

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