Monday, 13 April 2015

Multi National Personnel Complete SyntheSys Data Link Manager (DLM)/Interface Control Officer (ICO) Training Course

We are pleased to announce that personnel from the Norwegian TDL Squadron, Swedish and Finnish JDLOC and Royal Netherlands Air Force have successfully completed our three week DLM/ICO Training Course.

The course was hosted by the Norwegian TDL Squadron at Jørstadmoen camp in the picturesque area of Lillehammer.  Attendees were provided with in depth instruction on Link 1, 11, 16, 22, Variable Message Format and Joint Range Extension Application Protocols.  Using their acquired knowledge and working in small groups, they then continued with a series of challenging Multi TDL Planning exercises, where they had to define progressively more complex TDL architectures and subsequently coordinate the correct allocation of TDL parameters.  Multi National operations and exercises are increasingly demanding more from DLM/ICO and Data Link Management Cell personnel.  Accordingly, our practical modules are designed to thoroughly test, educate and ultimately develop these personnel for the challenges that lie ahead.

Students then briefed their plan before testing and ultimately validating their architecture through the use of simulation and real world operational software.  This interactive learning environment enabled all students to fully visualise their operational plan, identifying elements such as the potential for data looping or the misallocation of critical TDL duties and their impact.  This allowed each individual to manage their architecture as a DLM/ICO would, helping to build confidence, and to apply their newly gained skills and theory in an enjoyable and cooperative learning atmosphere.

SyntheSys would like to thank all those who attended, especially the Norwegian TDL Squadron for hosting this event.  Our next course will be held at CAOC Uedem in June, once again continuing to attract more interest than there are places available.  

If you, or any of your team, want to learn more about the fundamentals of a Data Link environment and how to plan, design, manage and analyse Multi Link Networks, contact our training team here. For details of our 2015 course dates and to secure your FREE copy of the full syllabus, visit our website here

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