Wednesday, 5 August 2020

OptimiSE Issue 5: Managing Complexity, Engineering Lifecycle Management & Systems Engineering Training

The latest issue of OptimiSE Magazine is out now.  Issue 5 gives the latest from SyntheSys together with  some light-hearted technical insight.  We provide some ‘food for thought’ if you are looking for new ways of improving efficiency at an organisational level or extending your skills at an individual level.

In this issue, we feature an article on how to adapt the product life cycle for complexity (Page 6) which leads into an article looking at the latest IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management toolset (Page 8).  We are also pleased to offer the free ‘Continuous Engineering for Dummies’ on Page 12.

To read the free online version and to subscribe to future issues, please visit: or if you would prefer to receive a free hard copy, contact

Finally, we would love to hear from you!  Have you got something to shout about?  A burning question to ask, or a topic you are passionate about and would like the opportunity to share your thoughts?  We are inviting members of the systems engineering community to contribute articles.  If you are interested in contributing to OptimiSE magazine, please contact    

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