Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Roland Kemp Joins SyntheSys

We are delighted to announce that highly experienced Tactical Data Link (TDL) and former Dutch Patriot operator Roland Kemp has joined SyntheSys.

Roland served for 37 years in the Dutch Armed Forces, during which time one of his career highlights included being a Staff NCO at the Group Operations Centre - responsible for training crews on the Patriot Information Coordination Centre (ICC).

Roland was acting Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) in the JICO cell during exercises such as Joint Project Optic Windmill (JPOW), Roving Sands and in the Joint Combat ID Evaluation Team 2002.

During the mission Iraqi Freedom in 2003, he was Link Manager at the PATRIOT Battalion Level.
He has also been an operator for Tactical Simulation HAWK and a member of the analysis team in Live Flying Exercises.

In addition, Roland has been a Senior Tactical Data Link Manager responsible for training junior TDL managers and has been involved in testing weapon systems and platforms equipped with MIDS terminals including F-16, Air Defence Command Frigate and KDC-10.

As Chief of the Network Design Facility he was responsible for training new network designers and the validation and accreditation of newly developed network designs for national and international use.  He also supported units in their respective mission and training areas.

Together with German and American TDL SME’s he set up the Joint Interface Control Cell (JICC) at AB Ramstein and supported the Army GBAD and PATRIOT in exercises with the JRE.

Roland will primarily be employed to work with our training team, and will provide a different viewpoint to our very successful Data Link Manager/Interface Control Officer (DLM/ICO) training course.  His experiences with Patriot, and the use of JRE will add another dimension to our training courses.  As a qualified JICO, Roland will also bring experience from the US perspective.

Roland’s arrival at SyntheSys emphasises our commitment to employ the highest quality personnel, which in turn will provide the highest quality results for our customers.  We wish Roland the greatest success in his endeavours with SyntheSys.  

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