Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Prepare for the INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Practitioner (CSEP) Exam with SyntheSys’ Accredited Course

It is no secret that passing the CSEP examination is no mean feat.  With 376 pages of literature to acquaint yourself with followed by a two hour examination, it’s clear that proper preparation is the key to success.  SyntheSys’ 4 day CSEP Preparation course equips you with the knowledge and experience to be able to define, analyse and apply sound Systems Engineering theory in preparation for the Systems Engineering Practitioner examination.

Presented by a fully accredited, qualified CSEP instructor, the course examines the role and benefits of applying Systems Engineering principles within your organisation.  The course combines real-world scenarios with theory presented in the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook to provide you with a unique learning experience focused on the examinable content.

On successfully completing the course, you will be able to confidently sit the CSEP examination by demonstrating:

  •   An understanding of the significance of the CSEP certification;
  •  How to apply themes and processes from the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook;
  • An understanding of common industry terms and how to apply these in order to enrich communication;
  •   Define and recognise the part Systems Engineering plays within your organisation;
  •   Understand the different elements of the system development process;
  •   Apply the knowledge you gain to your day to day role.

For further information on this course including course schedule and other useful resources download the information sheet here or contact

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