Wednesday, 8 July 2015

SyntheSys to Provide TDL Training to United Kingdom Joint Data Link Management Organisation (UKJDLMO)

We are delighted to have been awarded a 2 year contract to provide Advanced Link 16 and multi TDL training to the UKJDLMO and other invited UK personnel from all 3 services.  The training will be in 2 parts, a 3 day Advanced Link 16 course and a further 12 days looking at multi TDL planning and operations.  As well as the standard Power Point presentations, the students will benefit from a range of practical exercises utilising our unrivalled suite of real tools and simulation.  For this course we will use the Data Link Training Suites (DLTS) 11 & 16 which provide a realistic data link network in a classroom environment.  We will also use the TACTX multi TDL simulator, Hewlett Packard’s Tactical Network Design Station (TNDS), Joint Range Extension (JRE) and, for the first time, the TacPlan multi TDL planning tool.

To ensure a complete understanding of the material presented, we will also utilise another addition to our training capability, the Qwizdom interactive question and answer system.  Each student will be provided with a handset enabling them to answer a test of understanding given at the end of each day.  The system then provides immediate feedback to the instructors indicating that the subject has been properly understood.  It also provides data to ensure fully focussed review and consolidation sessions.
The first course will start at the end of June 2015,  SyntheSys looks forward to working with the UKJDLMO and providing the knowledge transfer required to enable the attendees to carry out their duties more effectively and efficiently.

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